Samedi/Samstag 11 Juillet 21h

STUART O’CONNOR  Folk psychédélique stuart-o'connor-

Stuart O’Connor est un musicien Britanique de folk psychédélique !! 3 tournées au Japon, Nouvelle-Zélande et en Australie, de nombreux mois sur la route dans son pays d’origine, le Royaume-Uni, ont contribué à parfaire son show live. Plus de 1600 concert en 8 ans !! Sa motivation et son inspiration viennent de sa liberté de création, de ses amis, des gens qu’il rencontre sur la route.

1600 shows in 8 years and counting as a full time touring musician.

7 tours in Japan, 5 in New Zealand, Netherlands & Italy, 3 in Australia, 2 in Germany, France, Poland and one off tours in South Korea, Czech Rep, Austria & Thailand aswell as numerous trips round the UK. Stuart has shared billings with a weird and wonderful who’s who from the musical world including: Cocco (Japan), Ocean Colour Scene, Little Bushman (New Zealand), Ed Sheeran, The Subways, James Bay, The Staves, George Barnett, Ed Tudor Pole, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Easy Star All Stars to Billy Cobham. Stuart has carved a living with 7 albums under his belt. His music has been used in schools and colleges aswell as on television and in documentaries and has attracted attention from record labels but has chosen to remain independent.

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